Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Have you tried everything to lose weight? This diet. That diet. The other diet. Slimming clubs. Pills. And either the weight just stays put, or it comes off and then goes right back on again?

When this happens we know it’s a case of your subconscious brain sabotaging your behaviour. It thinks it’s helping you, but it’s got things mixed up. We need to get the subconscious part of your brain on your side, so it is fully onboard with the changes you want to make consciously. The good news is that with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy we don’t need to go raking through the past looking for reasons, traumas, problems and difficulties. We aren’t interested in what has been and gone. We are interested in how you want your future to be. And we are interested in you learning to be happy now.

Ready to Change the Way You Think, the Way You Feel and the Way You Look?

Using a combination of 1) learning how the mind works; how we can get ourselves in a muddle and how we can straighten things out, and 2) using the power of hypnosis and other techiniques to make the desired changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviours at the subconscious level, we can get you actively moving towards your preferred future nice and fast.

If you are onboard with the process, things work pretty quickly with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, but how fast depends on you! Expect to have 8-12 sessions with me to establish and maintain positive new patterns and start to see effective changes taking place. You can always come back for a top up anytime!

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