Two Different People

Midway through her appointment a client said to me,
“you must meet two different people – the one who arrives and the one who leaves.”

She is so right!

Folk arrive very much in their ‘outer’ selves – masked up, armour on, in the midst of being active in the world, dealing with life, commitments and obligations. Full of thoughts and to-do lists, busy with appointments and aspirations, often feeling harried and caught up in so many things. They are thinking fast and feeling wired.

Laying down in a tranquil room, slowing and quietening, receiving touch, they gradually shed those layers and slough off the outer world. Gently and naturally, in the stillness, they go within and reconnect with their ‘inner’ self. They reach their soul.

When we talk again, they speak more slowly and sound more considered. Priorities are reset.

They look clearer, lighter, fresher. Breath is deeper. Peace is palpable.

I say “goodbye, go gently” to a different person than the one I greeted at the door.

Photo copyright Sarah Hoare

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