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Trail Guide Sessions

The Trail Guide is a monumental book for anatomical navigation and discovery – just perfect for bodyworkers. It’s pure anatomical geekery for qualified touchy-feely folk.

Dates 2024

Jan 22nd           Head, Neck and Face 1
Feb 19th           Head, Neck and Face 2
Mar 18th          Head, Neck and Face 3

Apr 22nd          Next topic TBCc…
May 20th
Jun 24th
Sep 23rd
Oct 21st
Nov 18th

Time, location, cost

Mondays 2.30pm – 5.30pm
@ Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork

As a commitment to your learning it’s highly recommended attending all workshops on a topic; book Jan, Feb and March now and get a 10% discount (£108).

Or pay as you go £40 per session.

Before Christmas we completed our Pelvis and Lower Back explorations, now we’re switching focus to the Head, Neck and Face.

Using the fabulous book ‘The Trail Guide’, we’ll tour the bony landscapes of the cranium, cervical spine and face, and muscle our way from head and neck movers and stabilisers through to the muscles of facial expression.

We’ll meet some amazing names, from zygomatic arch to submandibular fossa, from pterygoid to procerus and have no doubt, getting to know the details will change the way you massage forever!

We’re looking to learn, gain confidence and indulge some anatomical geekery.

Please don’t feel you need to know it all before you come along because it’s all in The Guide.

These sessions exist to help transfer what’s in the book into your head, hands and heart. 

Exam Stress-Busting Classes online for BCMB Students

These Hypnotherapy sessions are specifically designed for generating a positive mindset towards coursework, revision and sitting exams. We cultivate the right headspace to help you find your focus, channel your confidence and do your best.

Day, time, location, cost

Monday evenings, 7pm – 8.15pm
On Zoom
£15 per session, or pay in blocks and save

The benefits are cumulative, so attending all sessions is best.

Attending some is exponentially better than attending none, so do what you can.

As a former lead tutor on massage trainings, I know what’s involved. And as a former student myself, I’ve been in your shoes. With this insight and experience, I developed these sessions to make the course work and the lead up to the exams easier, more enjoyable and more productive.

Working in a light-hearted, supportive environment, each session has two parts – the first we’re actively engaged in simple, helpful activities, and the second we’re enjoying a relaxing trance / hypnosis experience where we bring the subconscious mind on board and up to date with the positive changes and attitudes we are cultivating.

These sessions are always enjoyed, because they help you to feel great and really make a difference to your mindset.

The massage course subject matter / exam content is not covered, as you already have brilliant tutors for that.

Payment Options

Money Savers: Pay in blocks

  • Block 1: £40 for initial three paid upfront
  • Block 2: £80 for middle six paid upfront
  • Block 3: £54 for pre-APP exam four paid upfront
  • Final Session: £6 for pre-practical session for anyone who has attended previous sessions

Total Money Savers Cost £180.
Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

PAYG: £15 per session

Total PAYG Cost £210.
Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable

Dates for Jeremy’s Course 2024

Initial Sessions: after weekend 5

The diploma course has gone to another level, there’s more work to do, there’s APP to study. Sessions are designed to help you reduce stress and boost confidence and focus. Learn the foundations now and apply it throughout the rest of your training – get the most out of it all and enjoy it more.

  • Monday 29th January
  • Monday 5th February
  • Monday 12th February

Middle Sessions: between weekend 6-9

Keep yourself ticking over calmly, confidently and more productively with these fortnightly top-up sessions. Watch how the benefits aren’t just felt in your massage work but elsewhere in life too…

  • Monday 26th February
  • Monday 11th March
  • Monday 25th March
  • Monday 8th April
  • Monday 29th April
  • Monday 13th May

Pre-Exam Sessions: before the APP exam

It’s time to knuckle down and study but your brain won’t play the game. Understand the anxiety, feel the fear, and do your best anyway!

  • Monday 27th May
  • Monday 3rd June
  • Monday 10th June
  • Monday 17th June

Final Session: before the Practical exam

Just one more hurdle to clear now – let’s get in the best mental shape to be the grounded, empathetic and creative massage practitioner we know we can be… even under exam conditions.

  • Monday 1st July

Booking & terms for Trail Guide sessions & Stress Busting Classes

To book, contact me by phone or email or fill in this form.
07976 710368
Payment is required in advance.
Places are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Workshops run by BCMB

Deep Tissue Massage – 3 Day Workshop

Build confidence, skill and knowledge in working on a deeper level and with deeper muscles, with your clients.

Explore release of three key postural muscles – piriformis, psoas and diaphragm.

Learn to use muscle energy technique (MET), neuromuscular technique (NMT), myofascial release (MFR) and trigger points (TPs).

Pay attention to technique, communication, responsiveness, creativity, body use and self-care.

More details, dates, booking

Check the BCMB website for further details, dates and booking.

Effortless Massage – 1 Day Workshop

Learn ways to avoid physical pain, emotional burnout and mental fatigue whilst working.

Learn to stop straining, striving, feeling burdened and beating yourself up.

Get lazy, get efficient, get effective and enjoy it all more!

More details, dates, booking

Check the BCMB website for further details, dates and booking.

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