Professional Supervision for Massage Practitioners

Supervision is all about supporting fellow therapists as you evolve into the practitioners you want to be. This support is available in FIVE different formats and all are recognised as valuable continued professional development (CPD) by the Massage Training Institute (MTI)

1.  BRAND NEW FOR 2019 – Half Day Supervision/Training Sessions

I’m launching a new initiative for massage practitioners who want supervision, want support, want connection, and want to have a laugh with fellow massage buddies, but can’t commit to a monthly meeting. Or perhaps you already attend a monthly meeting but would also value a longer session to have more time to dive deeper into things.

I’m hosting 4 half day sessions over the year, beginning on April 1st (of course!) and then July 29th, October 21st and December 13th 2019.

Monday April 1st 9.30am – 1.30pm
Monday July 29th 9.30am – 1.30pm
Monday October 21st 9.30am – 1.30pm
Friday December 13th 2pm – 6pm. Bring mince pies!

All sessions are at BCMB.
Numbers strictly limited to 8 people per session. Advance booking essential. Contact me directly 07976 710369 /
Book one at a time £45, book two or more together £40 each.

The sessions will specifically include time for talking things over and practicing hands-on. Content and topics driven by YOU.

The April session will also include my new favourite thing… “Trail Guide Time”. Whether you’ve bought the fantastic and terrifying Trail Guide book but never got round to using it, or are still pondering the investment, we will spend some time together as a group demystifying the beast that is The Trail Guide. Look forward to getting stuck in, decoding the jargon and confidently palpating like never before! I’ve a feeling this could become a regular feature and, of course, I have other ideas up my sleeve too… 💛

I am intrigued to discover whether this will become a single solid group of 8 that meets each time, or if it’s more random with a larger pool of people doing one or two or three sessions. Either way it’s sure to be awesome.

Contact me to get booked in for the sessions that fit your schedule and we can arrange easy online payment. Call 07976 710368 / email / or Facebook message me.

2.  Regular monthly group meetings

  • £25 per person, 2.5 hours meeting
  • At The Healing Rooms, Bishopston – Friday mornings
  • At BCMB Clifton – Monday mornings
  • NEW NEW NEW – Abergavenny 2019 – First meeting Monday 24th June

3.  Regular one-to-one meetings

  • £30 per hour
  • At The Healing Rooms, Bishopston or BCMB Clifton

4.  Ad-hoc one-to-one meetings, as needed

  • £30 per hour
  • At Healing Rooms, Bishopston or BCMB Clifton

5.  Skype, telephone and email mentoring

  • £30 per hour

Mentoring Meeting details

All meetings are tailored to meet your needs on the day.

We’ll check-in, set an agenda, and use the time available as productively as we can.

We might share experience, review hands-on techniques, discuss questions, develop knowledge, reflect on specific events, even get our APP books out!

Why Supervision?

Supervision can give a safe, open space for the developing and experienced therapist, for honing and evolving your skills, approach and practice. In my groups, I’m all about kindness, honesty, sharing and having a nice time! I aim to share what I know and what I’ve learnt, so that you can benefit from the mistakes and miss-steps I’ve taken, as well as from my smooth sailing and successes! We can share learning from courses, get advice for working with clients (maintaining client confidentiality, of course), practice good bodyuse, revise skills and learn new ones. We can even crack out the text books and apps and get on the APP train! 

Practicing What I Preach!

I’ve received supervision within groups run by Charmaine Storer, Andy Fagg and Tim Bartlett for many years now. I’m convinced that paying attention to my practice in this way makes me a better therapist. Having a safe space where I can be vulnerable, ask my ‘silly’ questions, voice my concerns or doubts, practice things I’m experimenting with, and revisit and revise skills and knowledge is just so valuable. And such a lot of fun!