Training for Practitioners

Ongoing Practitioner Development Workshops

In a world where there are countless advanced workshops on technique, technique, technique, I’m really interested to explore our approach, our sensitivity, our responsiveness, our presence.

Of course, I’m interested in developing technique too, and there’s so much else to explore alongside that to help us become better and better massage therapists. I’m fascinated with how we build effective client relationships and how our relationship with ourselves and our beliefs around massage influence our work.

Effective stretching in an effortless way, using client feedback to maximise the benefits.

Specifically at the moment I’m exploring:

  • Effortlessness: How can we work more effectively with less busyness, less unnecessary physical effort and more harnessing of the body’s innate ability to respond?
  • Presence: How do we establish and maintain therapeutic presence in our sessions? How do we manage “˜being there fully’ and allowing enough space for our clients?
  • Dialogue: What’s the nature of our internal, and external, dialogue during our treatments? How well does it serve us as therapists and how does it serve our client relationships?
  • Depth: Does touch need deep pressure to have a deep and lasting effect? How deep is deep enough? What’s the real relationship between pain and gain? What role do intention and connection play?

My next 3-Day Deep Tissue Massage workshop is September 25th, 26th and 27th in Bristol. 

 I also facilitate Massage Practice Days which are more of a mentoring day than a structured workshop. My next one will be at BCMB in Clifton, Bristol on DD/MM/YYYY

I also have an Effortless Massage workshop coming up at BCMB in Clifton, Bristol on DD/MM/YYYY.

These workshops are registered as CPD with the Massage Training Institute.

Of course, if a workshop setting isn’t really your cup of tea, or giving up weekend time isn’t possible, why not treat yourself to some weekday supervision / mentoring, to develop your massage work?