Massage Therapy

Really Radical Relaxation

With over twenty years’ holistic massage experience, I am here to help you feel better. Because when we feel better we can experience more joy. And I believe ‘life is meant to be lived joyously’ (Gurudeva)

Massage offers a balance point, a reset, a pause in the busyness. It’s a time to go ‘in’ when we spend so much time ‘out’ there. It’s a yin activity to complement all the yang.

It’s quiet to balance the noise. It’s touch rather than talk. It’s receiving to balance our giving. It’s minimalist. It’s spacious. It’s nurturing.


Wednesdays and Thursdays
The Healing Rooms, Gloucester Road, Bristol

Duration and cost

Sessions available for 60min, 90min, 120 mins at £60 per hour.

About Sarah

Please read about me on the homepage

More info

You can read more in my FAQs and BLOG for more information and my approach to massage or what to expect;

What kind of massage do you do
What’s massage good for?
How often should I have a massage?


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