Holistic Massage and Bodywork For Your Wellbeing

Gentle shoulder stretching and mobilisation greatly aids muscle relaxationMassage Makes Life Better

I’m convinced that massage makes life better and has a profoundly positive influence not just on our body, but on our on mind and spirit too.

Alongside the many physical benefits a good treatment offers a powerful way to reconnect with your inner self, accessing the wisdom and knowing that you hold deep within.

The profound relaxation that bodywork brings reconnects us to states we’ve all but forgotten amid our busy lives. When we allow it, we can rediscover peace, healing, self-compassion, clarity and creativity.

Use Your Wellness Routine To Thrive and Enjoy Life More

Whichever way you come to it, from self-care to medical referral, holistic massage is most beneficial when it becomes a regular part of your wellness routine.

Working in an ongoing fashion, we can explore and discover what gives you the best results, deepening and enriching your massage experience session by session.

One day a treatment might be for a specific physical issue, pain or injury. Another day the aim might be relaxation, grounding and acceptance following challenging news or a difficult situation.

Of course, massage can be celebratory too. What better way to enjoy a day off or kick-start your holiday?

A Blissful Transformative Experience

Customised treatments, using an integrated blend of techniques* leave people feeling profoundly different from when they arrived.

Clients report feeling: clearer; freer; more comfortable; a deeper sense of peace; refreshed and ready to face the world; more connected; more in tune with their body; so very relaxed.

It’s a different experience every time, and that’s what makes it so powerful and enjoyable.

Many clients use ongoing massage for personal development and self awareness. Others come and go through injury recovery; in periods of illness or medical treatment; during pregnancy; and in times of change or difficulty.

Massage works well alongside other treatments too and many clients use it to complement acupuncture, counselling, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy or psychotherapy. Often GPs recommend it alongside their care.

A Planet Full of Thriving People

I believe everyone can experience greater well-being and my mission is to ease people into their very best state one treatment at a time. I want to see a planet of empowered people, motivated to take the greatest care of themselves and thriving in their life as a result.

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*A word on techniques

There is no single formula for massage. It’s a unique, artful and skilled process of touch and response, not a simple routine. My intention is always to provide you with an integrated, flowing, heartfelt massage rather than to simply perform a series of clever techniques on you.

Techniques are important but only with appropriate selection and sensitive application, combined with presence and responsiveness during the treatment.

Depending what your situation requires, I may work using effleurage, petrissage, kneading, draining, compression, cross-fibre work, muscle energy and neuromuscular techniques (MET, NMT), deep tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilisation, subtle energy balancing, chakra holds, polarity work, connecting strokes, fascial release and craniosacral style holds, and more.