Happiness Workshop (2hr)

Happiness – An Inside Job? An Interactive 2 Hour Workshop

Start discovering how you can be happier

Ever have that feeling that you could be happier? That sense you could be enjoying life more, and enjoying life more consistently? Wouldn’t it be great if you had more control over your happiness and could be more happy more of the time?

Research suggests there are things that you can learn, and things that you can do, to improve your sense of wellbeing and create a sustainable increase in happiness.

Meaningful First Steps

During this two hour workshop we’ll dip our toes into this wonderful world of happiness development. With curiosity about what happiness means to you, and the differences you’ll enjoy as a result of feeling happier, we’ll:

  • explore what’s actually within our control in terms of our day to day, moment by moment happiness
  • look at how the mind works – in relation to the emotional and mental aspects of the stress/relaxation response – and its impact on our happiness
  • take some first steps towards a solution-focused mindset for being happier

Mixing Happiness With Hypnotherapy

Mixing i) happiness research, ii) knowledge of how the mind works and iii) the power of hypnosis creates a powerful combination. Knowing the theory is one thing. Using the natural and powerful state of trance to get your subconscious onboard is another! This workshop will include a relaxation session to consolidate learning and promote positive change.

So, why wait? Get ahead with this fast-track to boosting your default happiness level.

Workshop Dates & Prices

The next Happiness – An Inside Job? workshop is:

Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork, 109 Pembroke Road, Clifton

£12.50 early bird (first 12 tickets), then £15.00

To Book Your Place

To book your place, please contact me directly


What Other People Are Saying About ‘Happiness – An Inside Job?’

  • Excellent
  • Very enjoyable, relaxed and informative. Lots of food for thought.
  • Really good – great discussion, enjoyed relaxing at the end.
  • Great, fun and friendly, Sarah made it easy to follow and get involved.
  • Very informative and interesting. A good balance of talk from the front and interactive and I loved the relaxation at the end.
  • Refreshing, entertaining – with wonderful clarity and new look at complicated systems. Found it very interesting – held my attention, a great re-visit – thank you. And I loved the last exercise.
  • Awesome
  • Marvellous
  • Really excellent. I came away with a much greater understanding of what makes someone happy and how to change unhappiness into happiness. I’ve signed up for Sarah’s Facebook page and would seek out other workshops with her.

 It’s a great introduction to my longer Happiness Courses… Come and test the water!