Deep Massage

You may well have heard of “Deep Tissue Massage”, but have you heard of “Deep Massage”? It’s taught by David Lauterstein of The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, Austin, Texas, and learnt and practiced by me!

Here’s a quick video I made about it whilst biking round Ashton Court!

This approach gently and purposefully engages the nervous system, via the physical body, to maximise your own relaxation response. This in turn allows a natural letting go of your deeply held tensions and restrictions, thus easing discomfort and increasing ease and movement.

Sarah and David Lauterstein

As David puts it in his blog, “With “Deep Massage”, you don’t need to keep turning up the volume to be hearing the music – it’s there from the start – inside of you. We all have the capacity to let go. It is the job of the therapist to re-awaken the client’s capacity to deeply relax and heal from the inside out.”

It’s intriguing the way “Deep Massage” doesn’t require massage oil or wax. The touch is purely skin to skin, which facilitates a deeper connection, without necessarily a deeper pressure. I am delighted that I can continue to develop the quality and sensitivity of my touch in this way, and working without oil or wax takes this to a new level. Feeling tension dissipate directly beneath my fingers, my loose fist or my forearm, is an ongoing fascination for me, and continues to bring profound relaxation, enjoyment, awareness and ease to my clients.

A Deep Massage client recently said:

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for the amazing massage the other day Sarah! I felt so wonderful afterwards and when I did yoga this week my body felt so much more flexible than it has done for a long time! My neck is amazing – almost completely pain free and and I feel lighter in general. I’d really like to book another one” (Deep Massage Treatment)

– Cara Davis, Psychologist & Lecturer

If you would like to begin healing “from the inside out”, please get in touch with me to arrange your first Deep Massage session.

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