Hanging Out

The ability to hang out is arguably the most useful skill there is in massage. Find a good spot and hang out there with the right amount of pressure for the right amount of time. It’s both exquisitely simple and extremely sophisticated… Let’s delve deeper by asking some questions.Q1. What is a good spot?Q2. What […]

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Resting Well

“True rest is an action. It’s meant to be something we do; it’s not just the absence of doing anything at all” writes Dr. Gladys McGarey in The Well-Lived Life. In our society rest is undervalued. Overlooked. It rarely seems easy to carve out time to choose to actively rest. But this is where massage

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Two Different People

Midway through her appointment a client said to me, “you must meet two different people – the one who arrives and the one who leaves.” She is so right! Folk arrive very much in their ‘outer’ selves – masked up, armour on, in the midst of being active in the world, dealing with life, commitments

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Massage, Soul Massage
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