Covid-19 Wellbeing Update

While I continue to feel well, and in accordance UK Gov / NHS guidelines, I intend to work with clients, supervisees and students who feel well, wish to attend their sessions and are not at high risk to themselves or others.

If you already have a booking, I welcome your choice to attend or not attend, and will appreciate as much notice as possible regarding any postponements and cancellations. If you are in any doubt about whether to keep a booking, please phone me (07976 710368) and we can talk it over.

If you are thinking of booking a session, again please call me and we can discuss whether it’s the right thing to do right now. 

Remember, while I can’t massage you remotely, hypnotherapy works very well via WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom or Skype.

And as an existing massage or hypnotherapy client, supervisee or student, you may wish to phone me for a brief chat to stay connected during this strange time of increased physical isolation. It’s important we keep the connections that work for us. 

As an ambassador for wellness and health, I feel compelled to share my belief that massage and hypnotherapy are both amazing ways of feeling better physically and mentally, and feeling more connected emotionally and spiritually. The better we feel, the better able we are to cope with the challenges we face, and the greater perspective we can bring to our daily lives. In light of this, while I can work safely I will. 

Let’s stay level-headed and open-hearted 💛

And please enjoy this link regarding massage and the immune system. A study in 2017 at Roehampton University found after a massage, patients’ white blood cell count was increased by 70%. That’s pretty amazing, eh?

BBC Two – Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, Series 8, Episode 5 – Could massage boost your immune system?

Please take care of yourself during this time and don’t hesitate to be in touch if I can be of help.
All best wishes,
Sarah x

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