What can you learn in a weekend?

The weekend of 31st October – 1st November is approaching and I’m excited about it because I’ll be meeting a new Teaching at Bristol College of Masage and bodyworkgroup of people. People from all kinds of backgrounds, with all manner of idiosyncracies, points of view and passions. But these people will have at least one thing in common – they all want to learn about massage.

We’ll spend two days exploring touch and exploring the responses. We’ll spend time massaging ourselves – self massage is a great skill in itself – and we’ll spend time massaging each other. Along the way we’ll discuss what massage is all about, look at things that support us when we’re massaging, such as moving well, minimising effort, avoiding strain, being mindful.

We’ll look at massage in a chair or on the floor, as well as using massage couches. And we’ll learn about being safe, being creative, and being effective. We’re sure to have a laugh or three along the way. Oh, and there will be biscuits! Definitely biscuits.

I’m looking forward to feeling satisfied and inspired on Sunday evening. Satisfied and inspired by the way this new group of people interacted, shared and respected each other. The way they created a safe space for exploration, learning and building their confidence. When the groups leaves feeling excited about massaging their friends, family, and partners I’ll know my work is done!

There are still a few spaces available on this workshop, so please contact Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork to book your place. Book online, over the phone 0117 946 6371, or by email.

I look forward to meeting you there.

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