March 17th – Effortless Massage

Saturday March 17th I’ll be taking it easy with a group of fellow massage practitioners as we explore how effortless massage can be.

My one day workshop will explore themes of economy, efficacy and effortlessness, through a variety of exercises and activities, including plenty of hands-on massage.   We’ll explore how much more less can be and how to maximise self-care simply by paying really good attention to yourself.

We’ll be stepping back a bit and allowing the magic to happen… trusting in the body’s innate drive for health and wellbeing, and facilitating its expression through effective touch.

I’ll be drawing on my ten years massage experience, my ongoing qi gong practice, and my explorations and pennies dropping whilst running and swimming.

And I’ll be sharing my ceaseless desire to do as little as possible, but to do it well!

Come and join us. It’ll be even better if you’re there too.

Contact BCMB for more details and to book your place.

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3 Responses to March 17th – Effortless Massage

  • I’m so looking forward to this course Sarah!! Especially since you were my tutor when I did my Practitioner training in 2007… I’m really exited to be in your hands again. Can’t wait for all your great input and experiential knowledge imparting (not sure about that English…at least I’m great with non verbal communication 🙂 See you Saturday

  • Looking forward to seeing you there, Leora. Get ready for a lazily productive experience!


  • Thanks for a fantastically slow yet full and effortless day.

    I enjoyed the connection to the concepts of Qi Gong and after the morning Qi Gong exercises, I felt completely different and couldn’t wait to get to the table. I felt incredibly peaceful, present and in my body. I had slowed down significantly from when I arrived. When I got hands on, I worked completely differently to normal. Like a door to a creative portal had been unlocked.

    Having the opportunity to explore an incredibly slow pace and effortless way of working is definitely going to change my style for ever. Less is more!!! And it will ensure I am able to work for longer periods whilst maintaining my energy and work even more without strain.

    You’re individual guidance was extremely valuable, helping me to work out ways to do certain things differently. And your, what seems to be effortless, ability to paint pictures with words is incredibly helpful when learning. You’re sense of humour and playfulness make for a fun day of learning.

    Thanking you graciously!

    You rock!

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