Tennis Balls Saved My Life!

Keep tension at bay inbetween massage treatments

Tennis balls in a sock, it's a simple as that! Recently a massage client of mine said, “œSarah, your tennis balls idea has saved my life a number of times!”.

What was he talking about?

You know those tight knotty bits in your back and up around your shoulders? Those areas that feel really good when they get a good squeeze or a nice bit of elbow pressure in a massage, but they’re really hard to reach on your own!


1. Put a couple of tennis balls into a sock and tie the end up so they can’t escape and roll all over the place.
2.  Either lying down or leaning against the wall, place the tennis balls, one on either side of your spine, between you and the wall or floor.
3.  Let yourself relax so your body rests against the tennis balls, getting into the areas of knottiness. Move around a bit to find the right spots.
4.  Moderate the pressure you apply by leaning and softening into, or away from, the tennis balls to get a satisfying sensation that feels like it’s doing you some good!
5.  It should feel yummy and satisfying not just plain painful. This is not “œno pain, no gain”!

2. Leaning against the wall

3: Lying on the floor

It’s a great way to ease some of the tension out of your back and shoulders in between massage treatments. Try it! You might like it! If you feel any discomfort, stop what you’re doing and have a word with me about it at your next session.

Now I can’t claim it’s my idea, as I heard it from a fellow therapist, but it’s good to share!


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