“That was a superb course, in all aspects – I think you are an incredible facilitator and teacher. Your course was a profound opportunity to learn to trust our individual, creative, intuitive knowledge and curiosity as well as value and foreground honest, straightforward, respectful communication. These feel to me like the absolute core tenets of healing. I feel deeply moved by the atmosphere of non-judgemental kindness and openness that you engendered on the course. It was a very special time.  

I just think it was a really phenomenal course. It has lit a fire in my belly. Life just keeps affirming how much there is to be discovered through the body. Thank you for another opportunity to explore.”

– Kate Evans, Holistic Massage Introductory Workshop 2018

“Sarah is an incredible teacher, she makes big concepts and complex processes seem so light, simple and fun to practice! As well as learning new things about massage, I feel like I’ve also evolved as a person a little bit! And this is only during a weekend course so I can only imagine what would happen on a full course!

Sarah really listens, to requests and questions, and takes the individual as well as the individuality of the whole group into consideration 🙂 which creates a really relaxed and comfortable environment to learn in 🙂

Thank you so much for your great personality and work!”

– Dani Woodley, Holistic Massage Introductory Workshop 2018

“Sarah is an inspirational teacher. I’ve never known learning to be so easy. I think it’s because she’s always showing me what I can become myself – relaxed, open, confident, vulnerable, loving, direct and funny. Very funny. I love the laughs.”

– Bec Monks, Holistic Massage Diploma Student 2014/15

“For Sarah, massage and bodywork is not just a profession but a path, a practice, a way of life. Sarah’s enthusiasm in the classroom is infectious, her dedication palpable, and her presence is inspiring.   With endless patience, sincere empathy, deep sensitivity and humility, she shares her healing art.”

– Ayres Gipson, Bodyworker and Teacher

The best way to learn to massage is to have some fun while you do it!

“I’d never thought about training in massage until I saw Sarah work on a taster weekend.  When Sarah massaged something special happened. Everyone in the room felt it and I had to find out more. Sarah is a truly inspiring teacher, someone who has clearly found their niche.  It’s just great to be around that kind of energy  and her massage is something you really have to try at least once.  I felt a honeyed flow pass through my whole being as soon as she put her hands on me.  It is something I’ll never forget.”

– David deV, Author and BCMB Graduate


Massage Treatments

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for the amazing massage the other day Sarah! I felt so wonderful afterwards and when I did yoga this week my body felt so much more flexible than it has done for a long time! My neck is amazing – almost completely pain free and and I feel lighter in general. I’d really like to book another one” (Deep Massage Treatment)

– Cara Davis, Psychologist & Lecturer

“I have had massages for years from many different masseurs. But the type of massage I have with Sarah is unlike any other I’ve experienced. She is so in-tune with the individual. Sarah tailors  every massage  to the little pains, stresses and tightnesses I get in my body from a week’s work. Every massage is different, but the end result always the same – my body feels revitalised and my mind relaxed.”

– Danny Hicks, TV Cameraman and Director

“I have only good things to say about the massages from Sarah. As someone who suffers from sciatica, Sarah has helped improve my mobility and lower my pain. Sarah will give you a great relaxing massage!”

– Antony Baxter, Lorry driver and keen cyclist

“Treatment with Sarah always yields something new – no two sessions are the same.  She is talented with deep tissue and more focused work, but she also manages to integrate the whole body at the same time.  Receiving massage from Sarah is a wonderfully relaxing and rewarding experience.”

– Fiona Campbell, Director of Studies, College Of Naturopathic Medicine Bristol

Revitalise your body and relax your mind

“Sarah is someone I have known for 35 years, who had the courage to follow her dreams, to leave the rat-race and to live for her true soul’s purpose. Even if we don’t have the courage to make that leap just yet, through her massage we have the opportunity to tap into that positive energy and to heal. Sarah’s massage is different, she really makes it an individual thing, relative to the person, she listens to you and your body and then acts. Immerse yourself in the whole experience and enjoy.”

– Clare B, IT Consultant.


“I’ve been seeing Sarah for mentoring for almost 3 years now.   Being a self employed massage therapist  is both rewarding and challenging and being able to share  these experiences  within  Sarah’s supervision group  has become an integral part of my profession.    It is a safe and supportive environment  where I can reflect, review  theory and  practice,  and share  the challenges and  successes of being a  practitioner.   Having that knowing and  guiding hand has become  so valuable and I would not be the therapist I am today without it. Mentoring is an important and staple part of my  practice and I would not go without it.”

– Kirsty Lovell, BCMB Graduate