Want to look after yourself between massage sessions?

Here are a few products I strongly recommend (with Amazon links) that can really help to ease the pain…


1) The ultimate pokey stick, or as it’s officially known, the Thera Cane

2) A brilliant book about Trigger Point Therapy for self-care

3) Very effective Massage Roller Balls for taking the strain out of self-massage 

The Thera Cane looks like some kind of torture stick, but after one touch with it you wil look at it in a new light, believe me! It’s perfectly shaped to reach those hard-to-get-to places and, because you are using it on yourself, you can gauge the pressure according to what feels good. It comes with a small manual giving ideas and advice. And it also works really well alongside the trigger point book below.


The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook is a comprehensive, readable and immediately practical resource for explaining your pain, and helping you relieve it between massage sessions. It contains a wealth of information, written in a very accessible style for clients as well as practitioners or students.



Omni Massage Roller Balls are excellent for giving yourself a more effortless massage – particularly good for working on forearms, pectorals/chest, neck and legs. Like the Thera Cane, because you are applying the pressure yourself, you can easily use a depth and speed that feels good.

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