Professional Supervision for Massage Practitioners

Supervision is all about getting the support you need so you can be the practitioner you want to be – enjoying your work and dealing effectively with all aspects of the role. This support is available in various formats and all are recognised as valuable continued professional development (CPD) by the Massage Training Institute (MTI)

1.  Hands-on Supervision Sessions

These sessions are for practitioners who want to meet and connect in person. With my monthly sessions now on Zoom, these sessions in Bristol and Lydney are perfect for people who want time for hands-on practice as well as talk.



2.  Themed Supervision Sessions

Supervision sessions are typically driven by the needs of participants on the day, but sometimes I choose themes in advance. Recently we’ve been using The Trail Guide to help us geek out on anatomy whilst perfecting our palpation!

There’s one date left on the current programme that’s been running from 2021 and ends in March 2022…

Previous themes have included:

  • Getting Grounded 3. Shins & Calves
  • Getting Grounded 2. Hamstrings
  • Getting grounded 1. Quads and Knees
  • Awesome Abdominal Massage
  • Open-hearted, Heart-opening Chest Massage
  • Demystifying the Trail Guide book
  • Self care and after care

3.  Regular monthly Zoom meetings

  • These regular monthly closed-group meetings build intimacy, trust and often lasting friendships, as you get to share with the same folk month in, month out
  • Monday 9.30am – 12pm or Monday 12.30pm – 3pm
  • Ask for dates
  • £25 per person direct debit – attend as many meetings as you can

4.  Ad-hoc one-to-one meetings / calls

  • Sometimes committing to a monthly group is tricky, so here we have ultimate flexibility
  • At The Healing Rooms, Bishopston
  • On Zoom / WhatsApp / Phone
  • £40 per hour

Apart from the themed sessions, all meetings are tailored around meeting your needs on the day. We’ll check-in, set an agenda, and use the time available as productively as we can.

Why Supervision?

Supervision offers a safe, open space for you whether you’re a newly qualified or experienced practitioner – we all need room for honing and evolving our skills, approach and practice. In my groups, it’s all about kindness, honesty, sharing and enjoying the sense of community we create. I aim to share my (20+ years’) experience, so you can benefit from my mistakes and miss-steps, as well as my smooth sailing. And I encourage everyone to contribute – so we can all learn from each other. It’s definitely not about me having all the answers. I aim to facilitate your solution finding discussions and, of course, help you celebrate your successes.

Practicing What I Preach!

I’ve attended supervision groups run by Charmaine Storer, Andy Fagg and Tim Bartlett for many years now. I’m convinced that this support for practice and my professional self makes me a better therapist. Having a safe space where I can be vulnerable, ask my ‘silly’ questions, voice my concerns or doubts, practice things I’m experimenting with, and revisit and revise skills and knowledge is just so valuable. And always a lot of fun!