Your treatment

Everything You Need To Know About Your Massage Treatment

Before Your Massage: Information and Negotiation

Each treatment begins with a conversation so we can establish the best massage for you. I’m interested in what you want help with, say relaxation or pain relief, and I’m interested in you – your medical history, your lifestyle, your wellness goals, as all this affects what we do and how we do it. The massage can then be fully focused on achieving the best results.

Holding the sacrum and the occiput allows a powerful connection with your whole spine and beyond.

During Your Massage: Massage and Bodywork

Once the massage begins, you can let go and receive the treatment. There will be some talking, finding the right spots and making sure the pressure is right, and there will be space to enjoy the quiet too. You can drift into deep relaxation knowing there’s nothing for you to get right or wrong.

After Your Massage: Reflecting and Looking Forward

Once you’re up and dressed again we’ll assess the session, identify self-care activities to maximise and maintain the benefits of the massage, and highlight areas we might work on together in the future. Many clients take this opportunity to discuss optimal treatment frequency. Monthly sessions are usually advised for wellness maintenance, while weekly or fortnightly treatments can be very beneficial to help reach a place of ease in the first place.

Treatment Time, No Pain Much Gain, And Your Privacy

All The Time In The World

Treatments are available for an hour, hour and a half, or two hours. These might seem like long appointments but, believe me, time flies when you are being massaged! Sessions include your talking and (un)dressing time, so it’s important you allow yourself what you need. Clients who find it difficult to relax in everyday life are often amazed at how deeply restorative they find the longer sessions.

Gently Does It

I strongly believe that massage does not need to hurt to be effective. Experience tells me that “grateful, exquisite pain” can be powerfully healing, but basic “ouch, that hurts!” pain is not helpful at all. I work along a spectrum of very light to very deep pressure, but even my deepest touch is applied with gentleness. I sink slowly into tight areas, responding to the way your body yields and melts. I do not, and will not, use force.

Clothing and Privacy

There are massage techniques for working on skin and for working through clothing, so you may confidently undress to your level of comfort. Most people strip down to knickers/underpants but we can work through additional clothing, as necessary. You can (un)dress in privacy and I’ll use sheets and towels to cover you, just uncovering the part of your body we are working on as we go, making sure you feel warm and comfortable at all times.