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Everything You Need To Know About Your Massage Treatment!

Before The Massage: Information and Negotiation

Each treatment begins with a conversation to help me give you the best massage I can. At your first session this may be longer, as I need to establish relevant information about you and your life, as well as how you are feeling and what you want from the massage. During subsequent sessions, the length of conversation will depend on how you are and what you need. Our hands-on massage time will be affected by how long we talk.

Holding the sacrum and the occiput allows a powerful connection with your whole spine and beyond.

During The Massage: Massage and Bodywork

You can be as actively engaged in the process as you want to be. Sometimes it feels perfect to simply let go and receive the massage we agreed. Other times you may wish to verbalise and share parts of your experience and guide me in the massage process. Either way, there is nothing for you to get right or wrong. We’ll work it out between us and I will always check-in with you during the treatment, giving you opportunity to feedback on how it’s suiting you. I’m not psychic (alas!) and I’ll want to make sure that we’re on track.

After The Massage: Reflecting and Looking Forward

Once you’ve had time to move gently back into clothes and have a drink of water, there will be time for another conversation. This is a chance to debrief the session if necessary, to talk through any action that might be useful for you to take to maximise the benefits of the massage, and to highlight areas we might work on in the future. Oh yes, and to make sure you’re awake enough to make the journey home!

Treatment Time, No Pain Much Gain, And Your Privacy

All The Time In The World

Treatments are available for an hour, hour and a half, or two hours. These might seem like long appointments but, believe me, time flies when you are being massaged! And remember, the session includes your talking and (un)dressing time.

Gently Does It

I strongly believe that massage doesn’t need to hurt to be effective and, to this end, even my deepest touch is applied with gentleness. In my book, a satisfying, “œgrateful” pain/sensation can be very healing.   An “ouch, get off me” pain/sensation, is not so helpful. You are in control of how much pressure is used, and I’ll respond accordingly. Trust your body ““ it knows.

Clothing and Privacy

You can undress and dress in privacy and I’ll use careful draping, with sheets and/or towels, throughout the treatment. You can choose to undress fully, or keep underwear, or more clothing, on. We can work through clothes, as necessary.

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