Learning Massage for Beginners

Holistic Massage For Beginners – It Ain’t What You Do, It’s The Way That You Do It.

Learning massage can be all sorts of wonderful fun.

It’s not just about effective strokes and techniques, it’s about:

  • Relationship – listening to what your massage buddy wants.
  • Awareness – listening to how your own body feels as you massage.
  • Sensitivity – you can have all the techniques in the world, but you need to apply them responsively and appropriately.

And ultimately it’s about sharing the joy of nurturing touch.

You’ve two options for learning this lovely massage stuff: individual bespoke teaching or structured workshops in a small group.

Learn to give a good shoulder massage and everyone will be your friend!1. Bespoke Teaching

We can arrange individual teaching where either you bring someone along who is happy to be “the client”, or perhaps you both want to learn massage each other. Either way is fine. We’ll focus on the body areas you are interested in working on, maybe back, neck and shoulders, or maybe arms and hands, or feet. A two-hour session allows time for learning and practicing in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

This tuition is priced at £120 per two hour session.

Contact me as soon as you are ready to arrange some tuition for you and your partner or friend.

2. Introductory 2 -Day Workshops

You can attend an Introductory Massage workshop with me, giving you chance to build your confidence with massage in a small group setting.

The next weekend course I am running is on DD/MM/YYYY and the next midweek course is on DD/MM/YYYY. Both are organised by the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork  in Clifton, Bristol.

The workshops are lots of fun and a great way to learn to massage with like-minded people, with plenty of support and encouragement over the weekend.

Please see the BCMB website for more details and to book your place. Alternatively, contact me  to find out more about workshops or bespoke teaching.