Stop Smoking

Become an Effective Ex-Smoker – stop smoking quickly and easily

Some people decide to stop smoking and that’s it. They just stop.

Other people really want to stop, but have more of a struggle. It’s like they have two different voices in their head – one that’s clear they don’t want to smoke anymore, and another that feels they just can’t stop for whatever reason(s).

A few good reasons to stop smoking

If you are in this second category, help is at hand. When you’ve decided that you absolutely want to stop smoking, hypnotherapy can really help you overcome the struggle.

Getting Your Brain On Your Side!

A single session of hypnotherapy can make the process of stopping easier and more comfortable than you might imagine. We’ll bring your subconscious mind (where the smoking habit lives) in line with your conscious mind (that doesn’t want to smoke anymore) to achieve your fabulous goal of becoming an effective ex-smoker. A combination of talking through your relationship with smoking, learning how the brain tries to keep you hooked, and utilising deep relaxation with hypnosis, can turn things around for you.

An effective ex-smoker doesn’t turn to cigarettes again when things get tough. An effective ex-smoker stays stopped, even when life is stressful, or there’s alcohol around, or there’s a celebration to be had…

Effective stopping = stopped for good.

Ready To Do This?

A single session to stop smoking lasts 2 hours and costs £120. To book your session, contact me straight away.  You just need to be ready to say goodbye to this old habit, then we can get to work!

Say Goodbye to 10-a-day and Save £1,300 in a Year!

With current cigarette prices around £8 for 20, if you typically smoke 10 a day, you’ll recoup your £130 within a month of not smoking. By the end of your first year as an effective ex-smoker, you’ll have saved yourself over £1,300! You can do the maths for what you’ll save over the next ten, twenty, thirty years. Take a moment now and imagine all the things you could enjoy with that extra money…

Want more inspiration? Read what some effective ex-smokers have to say about hypnotherapy with me.

I look forward to working with you very soon