Client Testimonials

What do clients say about Hypnotherapy with Sarah Hoare?

I went to see Sarah for hypnotherapy as I had entered an Ironman and was dreading the idea of the mass swim start and the open water swim in the sea.

During our sessions, Sarah gave me techniques to begin changing the way I was thinking about the event. I would then put these techniques in practice during my training.

On the day of the Ironman, I was calm waiting for the swim start and even managed to find myself enjoying the swim. I totally credit Sarah for the complete change in how I felt. I don’t believe it would have been possible for me to feel so relaxed without the use of the techniques we worked on.

I would highly recommend seeing Sarah. Our hypnotherapy sessions made such a difference to me and showed me you don’t just have to accept that you will always feel a certain way. Laura Colley.

When I first came to see Sarah, I wanted to lose weight and keep it off. I have struggled with a destructive relationship with food since my early teens. Food had been a comfort when I was stressed or unhappy, and if I ever did manage to lose weight, it wasn’t long until I put it back on again. I would eat even when I wasn’t hungry as a comfort or even to ‘punish’ myself.

When I spoke to Sarah it was like a light-bulb moment as she explained the science behind why we have certain patterns of behaviour and how our minds work. Knowing why I was acting in this irrational way with food, when I am a logical and rational person was so enlightening!

As our sessions went on I discovered new ways of dealing with stress without comfort eating. I made more time for myself, doing the things I enjoyed. The sessions gave me back my ‘me’ time. I am happier now than I have been for a long time and am feeling so much more confident.

I would thoroughly recommend going to see Sarah to talk through what you would like to achieve. It’s that first step into shedding anything you feel is holding you back and looking toward the future. Thank you so much Jo Plummer.

I went for hypnotherapy hoping to sort out poor sleep which I had suffered from for some time. With just six sessions I noticed a dramatic difference, not only with sleep but with so many aspects of life. I feel back on track and able to cope with the demands of a very intense job and family life, as well as sleep better! I knew nothing about hypnotherapy but am now a total fan, and really appreciate Sarah’s sincere and calm approach. Jane Duckett.

Wow! What can I say…the relaxation CD is amazing! Truly amazing & beautiful! I listened to it just as I was winding down when I would normally read to relax and forget the day, and it was just what my body & mind needed. I drifted in and out while I was listening, which for me is something as I’m such a light sleeper! I had such a deep relaxing sleep – the best in a long time!” Lisa Gault.

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I am so glad that I was able to experience Hypnotherapy with Sarah. The sessions proved invaluable to me when preparing to take part in a world yoga competition, representing my country. In previous competitions I had been so nervous that I hadn’t really enjoyed the experience as much as I would have liked to. Sarah helped me to understand the way that my brain works, so that when I did get nervous I could rationalise it so it was not such a big deal.

On the day of the competition I actually felt pretty relaxed and excited. I had decided to replace that awful feeling of nervousness with one of excitement at having such a wonderful opportunity. When on stage I did have a moment where I started to wobble, but falling out of my posture was not an option and I was able to regain control. What felt huge on stage looked like the tiniest quiver when I watched it later on video.

Not only did Sarah help me with my competition, she also helped me with other aspects of my life. I hugely looked forwards to our sessions as I knew at I would walk out feeling vibrantly happy. Long after the competition I still listen to the CD recording that Sarah gave me as it helps me to relax and sleep peacefully. Thank you Sarah, I would recommend these sessions to anyone!”   – Laura McDonald.

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. I attended smoking hypnotherapy not expecting it to work but it did, and I haven’t wanted to smoke ever since (over two months*). Thank you Sarah for enabling me to achieve this! Ruth Clifton

*UPDATE Jan 2015: It’s over a year now!

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Having only ever watched Paul Mckenna’s hypnotherapy television shows I was a bit sceptical as to what I was letting my self in for! But even after the first session with Sarah I was pleasantly surprised and following a few more Sarah helped me to positively change my way of thinking towards driving on the motorway and I felt I was able combat my phobia.

Sarah applied a variety of positive methods and techniques, to help me become more positive and cope with anxiety, which were particularly aimed at driving calmly and confidently on motorways. Sarah provided a calm, confident, explanatory and understood the symptoms experienced. Overall, it was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone. Helen Smythe.

I was apprehensive about hypnotherapy when a friend recommended it but my opinion soon changed; Sarah immediately made me feel at ease and was so easy to talk to. We collaboratively looked at my triggers for smoking and investigated the makeup of the brain and how this effects me. I felt like Sarah got to know me and personalised the session accordingly. I left the appointment feeling like I had just finally realised how bizarre and irrational smoking is. Vikki Turner.

Sarah’s calm gentle approach has helped me to recognise my own strengths, enabling me to discover new perspectives when facing significant challenges in my life. Thank you Sarah Mary Raho.

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“After a difficult couple of years following a bereavement, Sarah helped me to understand the stresses I was under and how I could deal with them through a combination of talking and hypnosis. I am now able to control my thoughts and stresses much better on a day to day basis, I was amazed by the results just after a couple of sessions.” Alan Wilmot.

Sarah has been amazing from the beginning. Always kind, thoughtful and understanding, but she has also helped me understand a lot of what was going on! She brought information out of me that I didn’t even realise myself was on my mind or troubling me. Sarah is very easy to talk to and approach and I would refer anyone to see her if they wanted to go down the hypnotherapy route! Thankyou Sarah you have been wonderful Lorraine Crozier.

I always come out of Hypnotherapy feeling like I could tackle anything Rob Fuller.