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A Whole New Challenge ~ Hypnotherapy Training

I’m really excited to have started a 10 month hypnotherapy diploma course with The Clifton Practice, here in Bristol.

It’s absolutely fascinating learning about how the brain works and how we can tap into our potential through the natural state of trance.  And having been a massage teacher for almost ten years now, it feels really great to be a student again.

If you are at all interested in hypnotherapy, please ask when you see me for massage. I do need practice clients for my course.

At the moment I’m practicing reading relaxation pieces aloud, so just close your eyes, make yourself comfortable, and listen to my voice…

Sarah 🙂

What’s the space like at The Healing Rooms?

My treatment room at The Healing Rooms

My treatment room at The Healing Rooms, Bristol



The Healing Rooms, at Bristol Buddhist Centre, has three treatment rooms, and this is the one I use. There’s plenty of natural light and lovely clear space for massage and talking.

And there's space for the talky bits too

And there’s space for the talky bits too


I’m here on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


To make an appointment for a massage here, please contact me.






All best wishes, Sarah

Effortless Massage Workshop – thank you everyone!

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who attended my first ever Effortless Massage workshop on Saturday. It was so lovely to share my approach with other professionals and explore and enjoy ways of working more effectively with less strain; creating more presence and engagement  and needing less  busyness.

Integrating qi gong worked, as I hoped it would, to highlight the essence of doing  more with less; of creating ease and efficiency through relaxing and letting go of outcomes and expectations.

I have Dario Gerchi to thank for my love of qi gong. I think I’ve been attending his classes for longer than I’ve been massaging. You can find out more about his work by following this link to his qi gong website.

I’m getting a chance to revisit the workshop in Devon on May 20th, when I’ll be visiting the MTI South West Regional Group. If you’re a member of MTI and you’ll be in the South West on May 20th, please come and join us! It’ll be more fun if you’re there.

Call me for more details.


March 17th – Effortless Massage

Saturday March 17th I’ll be taking it easy with a group of fellow massage practitioners as we explore how effortless massage can be.

My one day workshop will explore themes of economy, efficacy and effortlessness, through a variety of exercises and activities, including plenty of hands-on massage.   We’ll explore how much more less can be and how to maximise self-care simply by paying really good attention to yourself.

We’ll be stepping back a bit and allowing the magic to happen… trusting in the body’s innate drive for health and wellbeing, and facilitating its expression through effective touch.

I’ll be drawing on my ten years massage experience, my ongoing qi gong practice, and my explorations and pennies dropping whilst running and swimming.

And I’ll be sharing my ceaseless desire to do as little as possible, but to do it well!

Come and join us. It’ll be even better if you’re there too.

Contact BCMB for more details and to book your place.

February 5th – Massage Practice Day in Clifton

I’m really looking forward to February 5th.

I’ll be facilitating a massage practice day for the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork. It’s essentially a day long mentoring session with a group of lovely massage lovers.

The group sets the agenda and I facilitate, support, encourage, share and generally keep the day moving smoothly (kettle on, biscuits out…).

Want to practice and develop massage of a particular part of the body? Want to refresh techniques you’ve already learned to boost confidence? Need to talk some client issues over in a safe, confidential space? Maybe you want to revise some anatomy or pathology to fine tune your hands-on work?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

You can be part of the fabulous Feb 5th group if you’ve done an introductory workshop with the College, are currently on, or have done, the professional training course, or are in professional practice as a massage therapist.

Call BCMB on 0117 3771201 to book your place. Or call me on 07976 710368 to find out more about the day. Places are limited, so make sure you get yours.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Stillness is golden

Now that we’re out of the holiday period and into the reality of 2012, there’s every danger of life getting hectic again! Keep yourself ahead of the game and take time each day to enjoy a moment of stillness.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Listen to the rhythm of your heart and let the external world fade into the background.

If you can let the moments stretch into minutes, all the better!

Happy New Year one and all.


Tennis Balls Saved My Life!

Keep tension at bay inbetween massage treatments

Tennis balls in a sock, it's a simple as that! Recently a massage client of mine said, “œSarah, your tennis balls idea has saved my life a number of times!”.

What was he talking about?

You know those tight knotty bits in your back and up around your shoulders? Those areas that feel really good when they get a good squeeze or a nice bit of elbow pressure in a massage, but they’re really hard to reach on your own!


1. Put a couple of tennis balls into a sock and tie the end up so they can’t escape and roll all over the place.
2.  Either lying down or leaning against the wall, place the tennis balls, one on either side of your spine, between you and the wall or floor.
3.  Let yourself relax so your body rests against the tennis balls, getting into the areas of knottiness. Move around a bit to find the right spots.
4.  Moderate the pressure you apply by leaning and softening into, or away from, the tennis balls to get a satisfying sensation that feels like it’s doing you some good!
5.  It should feel yummy and satisfying not just plain painful. This is not “œno pain, no gain”!

2. Leaning against the wall

3: Lying on the floor

It’s a great way to ease some of the tension out of your back and shoulders in between massage treatments. Try it! You might like it! If you feel any discomfort, stop what you’re doing and have a word with me about it at your next session.

Now I can’t claim it’s my idea, as I heard it from a fellow therapist, but it’s good to share!


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