Your Sacred Heart Space – Retreat to Restore, June 2022


Join us for a heart-based weekend retreat from June 17th – 19th 2022 at the glorious ASHA Centre, Forest of Dean. Early Bird discounts available until March 31st. Please see the flyers below for information.

Places are limited so do book early to avoid disappointment.  

For more details, please go to Group Retreats on Cheryl’s Cosmic Teapot website…

Or give me a call / send me an email 🙂

Thanks so much,


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New Retreat Opportunity!

I’m so excited to be offering my third retreat collaboration with Cheryl Barnes of Cosmic Teapot. Following the success of our Winter 2020 Head, Heart, Hara Retreat, and our Summer 2021 You Matter Most Retreat, we are now taking bookings for Autumn 2021 Slowing Into Stillness, which comes with an optional follow-on (or stand alone) facilitated Silent Retreat experience.  

Take a look at the information below, find out more at Cheryl’s Cosmic Teapot Group Retreat page… and contact me to book your place(s)

Feel free to get in touch by phone or email… 07976710368 /

Looking forward to hearing from you! 
Sarah x

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Covid-19 Update 3 – Back to Work!

Patience pays off and I am back at work (with Covid-19 protocols in place, of course).

Please contact me for massage, relaxation, hypnotherapy, professional massage supervision and massage teaching. It’s all back on the table again.

Through lockdown, my massage supervision sessions moved online and have been a great success. I will be expanding this service to offer more opportunities to practitioners in search of professional support, and am also delighted to be re-starting hands-on, in-person supervision sessions very soon too.

Please get in touch for more information, bookings and getting involved.

With all best wishes,

Sarah x

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Covid-19 Wellbeing Update 2

In accordance with guidelines to prevent the spread of CV-19 my massage and face-to-face hypnotherapy, training and supervision work has been suspended until further notice. During this time, if I can be of assistance over the phone or online, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Meanwhile I will be enjoying the sunshine in the garden, practicing tai chi and letting my creative mind explore new possibilities.   

I wish you well and look forward to seeing you on the other side of this.

With love, Sarah 

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Covid-19 Wellbeing Update

While I continue to feel well, and in accordance UK Gov / NHS guidelines, I intend to work with clients, supervisees and students who feel well, wish to attend their sessions and are not at high risk to themselves or others.

If you already have a booking, I welcome your choice to attend or not attend, and will appreciate as much notice as possible regarding any postponements and cancellations. If you are in any doubt about whether to keep a booking, please phone me (07976 710368) and we can talk it over.

If you are thinking of booking a session, again please call me and we can discuss whether it’s the right thing to do right now. 

Remember, while I can’t massage you remotely, hypnotherapy works very well via WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom or Skype.

And as an existing massage or hypnotherapy client, supervisee or student, you may wish to phone me for a brief chat to stay connected during this strange time of increased physical isolation. It’s important we keep the connections that work for us. 

As an ambassador for wellness and health, I feel compelled to share my belief that massage and hypnotherapy are both amazing ways of feeling better physically and mentally, and feeling more connected emotionally and spiritually. The better we feel, the better able we are to cope with the challenges we face, and the greater perspective we can bring to our daily lives. In light of this, while I can work safely I will. 

Let’s stay level-headed and open-hearted 💛

And please enjoy this link regarding massage and the immune system. A study in 2017 at Roehampton University found after a massage, patients’ white blood cell count was increased by 70%. That’s pretty amazing, eh?

BBC Two – Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, Series 8, Episode 5 – Could massage boost your immune system?

Please take care of yourself during this time and don’t hesitate to be in touch if I can be of help.
All best wishes,
Sarah x
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Smash those Resolutions!

One of the things I keep learning is that it’s OK to ask for help with the things I find difficult. And, not only is it OK, it’s brilliant! Receiving help turns scary into fun and transforms impossible into easier than expected. It’s great to have someone to talk things over with, to share progress with and yes, to celebrate with. Sometimes these people are in our lives already, friends, family, colleagues, associates. Sometimes we need to step outside of our usual zone to find the particular help we need. If you’re determined to smash your awesome new year /  new decade resolutions, perhaps this is the year to do things differently. I am here to help. I’m here with massage. I’m here with hypnotherapy. I’m here to make sure you don’t just get off to a flying start, but that you sustain your efforts and reach your goals. You’ll be surprised how much better you can feel, and how much better life can be. And it doesn’t need to be painful or difficult. ‘No Pain, No Gain’ is an out of date thought process for both massage and talking therapy. Let’s make every day a happy day. I am here to help, but I can’t do anything til you get in touch. Let’s do this! Sarah x

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Self-Care and After-Care Half Day Supervision Session

My last 2019 half day event for professionally qualified massage therapists is on Friday 13th December. As always it will be relaxing, nourishing and fun and a great chance to spend time with other awesome, like-minded bodyworkers. And specifically, this time the focus is on our own self care and how we can best help our clients between massages by offering them useful, relevant and accessible after-care suggestions. It’s time to feel good! 

Details: 2pm – 6pm at BCMB, Clifton Bristol,  £45.

Please contact me directly to book your place.  Whether you’ve worked with me before or not, you’re very welcome and I’m sure you’ll feel at home as soon as you arrive! 

See the event on Facebook here.

Can you think of a nicer way to gain 4 CPD POINTS?

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Make Life Better Evening Classes – starting October 29th, Clifton Bristol

Do you want the good news or the great news?

The good news is that (at the time of writing) there’s still time to become part of the next Make Life Better group. We are assembling next Tuesday (29th October) for the first of 4 Tuesday evenings to pay attention to FINDING OUR FOCUS, CHANNELLING OUR CONFIDENCE and MAKING LIFE BETTER. And not making life better in some abstract or even delusional positive thinking way, but better by learning ways to make tangible, noticeable, enjoyable improvements to our own daily lives.  

There are currently 2 places still available. Find out more here…> 

The great news is that by joining the group you won’t only end up making your life better, you’ll contribute to making the lives of everyone in the group better too. Your uniqueness is just what we need. 

And, of course, the ultimate gain from all of this is that when We feel better, think better and do better, this has ripple effects that go out wider than we can ever truly know.  So many positive impacts that we can only wonder about…  

If there’s even a little part of you that’s curious about this, take a leap and join the group. What’s 4 evenings out of an entire life? Enough to make life better, that’s for sure! 

Find out more here…>

I’m looking forward to working with you,

Sarah x

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NEW – Friday Evening Supervision!

I’m delighted to be starting another NEW MASSAGE SUPERVISION GROUP, this time in Bristol at BCMB on Friday Evenings. We’ll meet monthly and discuss, share, practice and celebrate all things massage. 

Those who know me will know how much I value supervision. I think it’s essential for all practitioners and have adopted a mission to make it available to as many people as possible. 

Currently there are four places waiting to be snapped up and I expect them to go pretty fast. Please get in touch with me directly if you’re interested in joining. 

Each meeting will last 2 – 2.5 hours (depending on group size), and costs £25 per person.  It’s a bargain. 

Contact me via my website or call 07976 710368

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