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Happy, Healthy, Strong

Long before I was introduced to the neuroscience behind it, I’ve been sure the key to life is feeling good! For me that’s about prioritising my life to maximise feeling happy, healthy and strong. Swimming at my local pool, walking in nature, laughing with friends and siting in quiet meditation are key elements in my wellbeing.

As much as anything, I get a real kick from seeing others make changes to embrace their own wellness and success for themselves.IMG_2337

Me and Hypnotherapy – Sleeping Well Again!

I discovered the power of hypnotherapy when I finally decided to try it for my growing insomnia. I’d got myself into a bit of a state, with a busy mind that didn’t want to switch off when my head hit the pillow. Anticipating a rough night’s sleep and expecting the worst from the day ahead was not a fun way to live at all.

Seeing a hypnotherapist turned things around. Not only did my sleep dramatically improve, but armed with a new understanding of how the brain works, and full of positivity from the sessions, I was able to effortlessly make other changes to make my life better.  And this hasn’t stopped even thought the treatments have! I continue to notice positive changes occuring as a result of seeing and doing things differently.

This experience sealed the deal for me, I became determined to do the practical and thorough Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training myself and become the best hypnotherapist I can be. My initial consultation is a great way for you to discover how hypnotherapy can help you make your life better. Get in touch now, or read more about my training here

Hypnotherapy complements my massage work beautifully, and builds on my experience as a self-employed therapist since 2001.

Hypnotherapy in Bristol

Since qualifying from the prestigious Clifton Practice, you can book in with me at my warm, calm hypnotherapy clinics in Bishopston and Clifton. Being registered with the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists (AfSFH), the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), and the National Hypnotherapy Council (NCH) allows you to trust my training, my ethics and my approach.

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Teaching at Bristol College of Masage and bodyworkMe and Massage – A Sensitive Soul

Turn the clock back to 2001, I was working as a computer programmer in a multinational company, feeling like a fish out of water and looking to bring something new and more meaningful into my life.  Bored and disillusioned one dark January day, a chance internet search brought me to the Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork and early February saw me at the first weekend of a rich and thorough, ten month professional massage diploma course.

I wasn’t intending on giving up the big salaried nine-to-five day job, but as it turned out that’s exactly what happened. Once massage started getting under my skin, I realised I was on my way into a very different life. Within the wonderful world of bodywork, my sensitivity turned into an asset rather than a hindrance.

Since successfully qualifying, I’ve continued to develop my skills and approach through further workshops and mentoring with a variety of respected teachers.

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Massaging Bristol Since 2001

Since qualifying in 2001, I’ve created a busy massage practice in Bristol, working from warm and comfortable treatments rooms in Bishopston and Clifton. I am a registered practitioner with both the Massage Training Institute  and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

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Teaching Others Since 2003

Towards the end of my training I told the tutors I would jump at the chance of getting involved with teaching with them. Talk about ‘creating your reality’! I started assisting on BCMB courses in 2003, and in 2007 became a fully fledged, MTI-registered, tutor. Passion for effortlessness, presence and effective dialogue are key in my teaching.

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