Love Bikram ~ Love Massage

I’ve been doing Bikram yoga since December 2011, when my sister bought me a  set of classes to help me through the winter. I’ve always hated hot, humid environments so I thought it was going to be hell on earth! But being a lover of physical exertion, I had to give it a go…

…and oh my word, I love it! The heat remains a challenge, but the focus required  to remain in the room and engage with the postures, and the quieting of the mind  that comes from that, is awesome. I feel my body changing shape, and my mind getting stronger, week by week.

I also love discovering parallels between yoga and massage. In my massage sessions  there’s the same blend of activity and stillness, as with the alternating of active postures  and restful savasana.  Often we might work with deep pressure and strong focus to help something release,  and then there’s the all important pause when the integration can happen.

Through the physical sensations of touch, movement and different pressures, paces and rhythms there’s the opportunity to drop into a more inner place where the outside world of  expectation and busyness disappears. This inner place is often a place of rejuvenation, of creativity and of peace.

And with awareness of the breath we can link body and mind in the simplest and most  profound way.

That’s why I say, Love Bikram ~ Love Massage!

Happy sunshine days,


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