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Are you ready for positive change? Read on and discover now how hypnotherapy and/or massage can help you make your life better.


As soon as you’re ready to start making your life change for the better, please get in touch. I look forward to helping you make a difference.

Sports Specialist Hypnotherapy

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping athletes and sports(wo)men reach their potential on the pitch, in the pool or in the gym. It’s no secret that the mind plays a big part in achieving success – find out for yourself how you can raise your game with some helpful brain training. Find out more about how sports specialist hypnotherapy can help you…

Curious about how we use hypnotic trance to help the process of making change? Or just curious about what I’m like?! This short video clip will help you out!

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The Belly Rub – Holistic Massage

Massage comes into its own when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, tired or sore. My favourite sessions are those that include abdominal work – a natural way to ease digestive and reproductive system symptoms, not to mention a fabulous route to deep relaxation and feelings of safety.

You can't beat a good hand massage!

Massage provides that unique space where you can inhabit your body fully, listen to its painings and tightnesses, its uncertainties and exquisite tensions and allow things to move and change for the better.

But don’t take my word for it. Find out what my clients have to say…

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Treatments are available in two lovely locations in Bristol:


For more information, or to book your treatment, please call me on 07976 710368 or click here to contact me now via this website

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