Ease Your Mind – Hypnotherapy

More and more people are realising the potential they have for changing how they feel in day to day situations. Imagine if giving a talk was an enjoyable experience, or getting on a plane felt as easy as getting on a bus. What about if you could calmly drive those winding mountain roads abroad or focus more fully at work or in the gym and be more effective?

It’s no secret that our minds don’t always seem to be on our side, but with hypnotherapy you can change that, unlock your true potential and begin to enjoy life more and more.

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Nurture Your Body – Holistic Massage

Massage is a fabulous route into profound relaxation. Some say it truly comes into its own when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, tired or sore. Massage provides that unique space where you can inhabit your body fully and listen to its stories, recognise tightnesses and exquisite tensions and, with awareness, allow things to move and change for the better.

Many clients also enjoy a peaceful combination of guided visualisation and mindfulness meditation during their massage, finding it helps quiet their mind, allowing a deepening of experience. It’s my absolute pleasure to bring my verbal skills to the table too.

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When you’re ready to get in touch, whether for more information or to book a treatment, please call me on 07976 710368 or click here to contact me via my website form.

Treatments are available weekdays at: The Healing Rooms, above Bristol Buddhist Centre, 162 Gloucester Road, Bishopston BS7 8NT

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What’s the hurry? I’m sure you can relax for 5 minutes. Take a quick breather and see how good you feel…

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